Some Benefits Of The 1911 OWB Holster

Hidden carry is most often done with IWB, shoulders, ankles, thighs, or handbag holsters, but hidden carry is very possible with the 1911 holster OWB. The important thing is to find the right gun, holster, and clothing to fit your body shape and gun contour.

Benefits of the 1911 OWB holster

The time it takes to keep your garments out of the way is one of the main issues with carrying a gun in your waistband. Wearing the OWB when hiding results in loose clothing that allows for swift movement when drawing.

The 1911 OWB holster also removes the rubbing and stinging that the IWB holster occasionally creates while exercising. You may benefit from hidden carry with the OWB holster without having to deal with the discomfort of the holster resting against your hips.

Select a hidden carry position

It’s easy to carry your firearm all day long with the holster outside of the waistband. This approach is frequently chosen by gun owners over putting the pistol close to the skin, where the holster and grip may feel warm and sticky. A sturdy gun belt is used to secure the OWB holster. The holster and pants don’t sag because the gun belt supports the pistol’s weight.

The majority of people who own a gun place their firearms by their dominant hand’s side. Quick draws, aim locks, and trigger movements are made possible by this. A crusade that draws a gun from both your dominant and non-dominant hands is an option as well.

If you use the OWB holster, you may need to put the holster on your waist farther back as you will need to cover it with long clothing. If so, first at the range, practice dragging and carrying to become acclimated to the new position. In contrast to IWB and other hidden techniques, you must also carry the holster higher and closer to your body.

As a result, even when you walk around a lot, clothing might still cover the holster. Raising the holster helps to lower the profile of the pistol’s barrel, which protrudes somewhat more when wearing the holster than when wearing the IWB.

Optional OWB Holster Carry

The OWB holster works like an IWB holster, putting it on your hips after slipping it through the gun belt. When your holster is connected to your side, it makes it impossible for anyone to take it.

The style preferred by law enforcement personnel is the paddle holster, which has a somewhat different design. The paddle holster is a concave molding made of Kydex that fits snugly around your waist. This paddle fits snugly inside the waistband of your trousers.

Paddle holsters provide the flexibility to quickly remove a weapon when you wish to take a seat or when you frequently need to put the weapon away.

Carrying a 1911 OWB holster may be a better choice than an IWB one, as we have seen throughout the article. This will mostly depend on what you use your gun for, and in some cases how often.

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